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About Me

      Cole’s vision is to create fashion and costume that are more than exact replications from their sources. They want to breath new life into their designs that speak loudly and confidently of detail and individuality. They love rich textiles, ornate trims and illustrative beaded embroidery. Finding the most joy in working a simple design into something extravagant through an array of fabric techniques. ‘Extra as heck’ might be a little casual of a tagline but it’s a simple way of describing their mission with fashion and costume.  

In 2017 Cole graduated with a Bachelors degree from Maine College of Art in Textiles and Fashion. Since graduating they have launched a full time business designing, replicating and constructing costumes from T.V., Movies, Anime, and Manga.

Cole also dabbles in Anime inspired fashion design, hat making, illustration and constructing clothing for Asian Ball Jointed Dolls.

The feel of fabric, the excitement as hand beading grows and the hum of the sewing machine delight and inspire Cole through every inch of their being.