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Benimaru from Fire Force

I apologize in advance for my horrible Kanji. Its been like 4 years since I studied this art, and I didn’t practice enough before moving into the final piece. I curse my impatience nature. But enough whining. I am so excited to finish Benimaru from Fire Force and I am even more impatient to wear him and get cool pics!
I especially enjoyed working with more patterns and textures for this over ornate trims and such. It’s a completely different brain process and I already worked through the pattern drafting so it came together real nice and quick for that instant gratification I tend to live for.
Kimono and undershirt materials came from an Amazon Company I had been waiting for the right opportunity to buy both these fabrics and this couldn’t have been a better application!
Pants fabric came from Walmart really pulled through for me in a pinch. I loved working with their heavier weight fabrics for a bit more puff and structure.

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