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Sesshomaru from Inuyasha

This is by far my heaviest costume yet! I was dedicated to make this one extra special, just for me. I have two layers of kimono. The under Kimono is lined with this beautiful cherry blossom printed cotton. Personally take a lot of pride in how I finish each garment piece, and the lining makes me smile every time I see it. The outer kimono is made from two beautiful fabrics from
Mood Designer Fabrics
The base is a cream jacquard and the red is a beautiful lace. The lace is what really put the weight onto this one, it’s got a 3d pattern and that materials, layers and length make these sleeves like lifting weights. But they make me very happy to look at.
The armor is my first ever large scale piece using Eva foam and Worbla. I struggled a lot with making this piece and if you didn’t know all the vain details were actually a mistake! The spikes on the armor are made from Instamorph which is a cool moldable plastic, it fused well with the Worbla however lets some weird lumping around the base and when I tried to fit it I just ended making things worse, so it gave me the bright idea to just make those look intentional and thus this incredible texture emerged and I had a lot of fun painting it to really push that feeling of moody and rustic.
The sash was the other bigger project, though it does get a little lost in everything else. They are made from a linen. I started by hand painting those swooshes and as if that wasn’t enough I used my sewing machine and a metallic embroidery thread to make organic waves like drawn lines over the painted and non painted surface.
When it was all done I realized I had used this cosplay as an experimental ground, a lot of the techniques I tried on Sesshomaru I then took forward on other projects. Though the trip to finishing this was well over a year long, I really did enjoy the process at the end of it all and glad to say that this cosplay fills me with immense joy to have finished. I hope it can make you smile as well. ❤



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