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Jen from The Dark Crystal

I can now say I have watched The Dark Crystal, and gosh are the designs and puppet work incredible works of art.

I spend a lot of the time while watching movies admiring and trying to figure out the artwork and costume designs. I feel like costume work from live action are always a bit more intimidating than from animation because someone had to make it work on a real live human. In the case of this costume Jen from The Dark Crystal the puppet work is just jaw dropping gorgeous. What an absolute honor it was for the opportunity to work with my client on this. I tried to be accurate to the source material but also follow my own creative spirit, adding my own twist and of course getting extra with beading and details. I hope you enjoy my recreation of this character and hope I get to work on more scree ‘accurate costumes!


Please give check out my client and model:  smzeldarules
Photography by Photography by Amie E