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Nero from Fate


I am a fan of the Fate franchise but this particular character, Nero, I hold no personal attachment to. I think it’s the most challenging to make something you know nothing about, but it also allowed me to be as creative as I wanted. As such I sought out and used materials that were very difficult and decided, why not make things even harder by adding detailed pieces from materials I also have never worked with.

I used velvet for the top and a variety of materials for the skirt, especially happy with how the vinyl piece on the skit and top turned out, I enjoyed meeting this challenge and of course I could not resist putting a lot of flair with trim and some hand painting.

I could not have been more thankful to get to work with Bethany, we share a similar vision so bringing this version of Nero to life with her was an absolute treat!


Cosplay commissioned by Gunpla Lady She also made the belt and crown.
Photography by Photography by Amie E.